Drones. For more security and efficiency

Celestis UAVs have been in service since 2014. Our customers have the highest expectations of us. We meet them with a high degree of professionalism and the use of state-of-the-art technology in our UAVs ("drones" or "multicopter") and equipment.

No two projects are the same. Our customers have different needs and activities. We adapt to them.
Our flexible organisational model is oriented towards the integration of external competences. This is the only way to maintain a high level of quality from order acceptance to task completion. And we feel committed to this goal.

We see ourselves as partners of our customers and therefore guarantee reliability and precision in the execution of our orders. Of course always in compliance with all safety rules.


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Bridges, viaducts, roads and much more: reduce costs and save time. With a UAV inspection, you can have results promptly, in 3D if you wish.


Interruption of production? When an inspection is performed by a drone, production rarely has to be interrupted. RGB or infrared camera - you decide.

Wind turbine
& Photovoltaics

Whether with an RGB camera or with a synchronised RGB and IR camera: we inspect and make problem areas visible.

Construction Progress &
Visual Damage

Visualise the construction progress even in inaccessible places and thus give your customers the opportunity to view the project "with their own eyes" from different perspectives.

Topography &

Full-frame camera and / or LiDAR: the choice is yours. Millions of evaluation points increase the accuracy and detail of the project.

Power Generation

Whatever you want to inspect or visualise, we have the payloads for it. LiDAR, photo camera or infrared camera - you decide.


Do you want to record the long-term changes in environmental and nature protection aspects? We visualise them with our payloads, georeferenced of course.

Veritical Scan
Facade Scan

Vertical or horizontal surfaces to inspect? With our drones and the corresponding software we realise your project.