Photogrammetry/GIS Drone Celestis Drone Approved Operator ENAC on the basis of the declaration Approved Operator for Germany ENAC permissions are granted

GIS surveying, mapping and aerial thermography

Payload UAV Multicopter Payload A7

Our drones and their high-tech equipment offer definite advantages

In the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS surveying, aerial thermography as well as infrared imaging in agriculture and forestry, the specialized aerial vehicles operated by experts of the Celestis Drone GmbH offer remarkable possibilities. In using our drones the technical effort and invested time can be reduced significantly whilst maintaining highest precision. In turn, this amounts to considerably lower costs and less time spent for accurate results.

The geographic information system (GIS), a space-oriented information system (RIS), is used in the geological fields of geography, geology, geodesy and ecology amongst others and plays an important role in recording and analysing site-specific data. We are able to collect and evaluate space-oriented information for local governments, agriculture and forestry, the preservation of nature and environmental protection and landscaping. You can rely on us to do it significantly faster and more efficiently than it could be done with conventional methods.

UAv Multicopter georeferenced aerial image

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Surveying and mapping with the help of drones

The precision of our multicopters in surveying and mapping is so high, that they can also be used for official cadastral surveying. In the past, manned aeroplanes and helicopters combined with ground staff were used, creating considerably more effort and expense. Now, with the help of our unmanned aerial vehicles, we are able to deliver precise data and pictures due to high-resolution cameras and high-performance GPS equipment. Whether you need monitoring of an industrial area or topographic mapping, we provide you with the necessary data quickly and reliably.

UAV drone georeferenced aerial image and topographical map

3D Modeling

The drone of Celestis for 3D design

The creation of 3D models can significantly save time and be done efficiently with images of the drone of Celestis. Cameras with high resolution, for high performance, show the required field in detail. From the image data supplemented with the exact position data photorealistic models can be generated. As a result, the comprehensive surveying is possible: the spatial coordinates of any points, all routes and distances and sizes of the surface elements are immediately available.

Because of GPS waypoints exact images can be reproduced again at a later time. This gives you the possibility to detect – in detail – changes directly.

Chiesa di San Panteleo, Sardegna by Celestis Drone GmbH

Photogrammetry per Multicopter / RPAS

 photogrammetry job done by UAV Multicopter images

Up to date per UAV into the third dimension of remote sensing

Where photogrammetry is concerned, we also offer you the latest and most reliable means of remote sensing per UAV. The aerial photogrammetry of Celestis Drone enables generating and further development of topographic maps and orthophotos as well as digital terrain models (DGM) at low expenses but with a high reliability. Application possibilities and their potential benefits are manifold.

For one, we successfully use our unmanned aerial vehicles with their professional equipment to visualize real estate and create 3D models with the help of the gathered data.

Wherever the extraction of raw material is involved, the realistic planning of the overburden removal is of utmost importance. With the help of our drones and the scanning of the property we can not only map and visualize, but also supply a valid calculation of the volume of the overburden removal.

georeferenced aerial image done by UAV Drone images

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