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Industrial inspections, surveillance and monitoring

Efficiency, precision and reliability from Celestis Drone

industrial inspection with UAV-Multicopter
Industrial inspections are very demanding for man and technology. A lot of responsibility is involved. The slightest inaccuracies, the overlooking of finest fissures and other defects during the inspection of industrial plants, pipelines or during the monitoring of wind power plants and other utilities can have grave consequences. Even the inspection itself frequently bears high risks. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and the most skilful operators, the industrial inspections from Celestis Drone with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), so called drones, offer a better and exclusive combination of precision, security and cost effectiveness. Nothing escapes the cameras in our level precision drones, finely attuned to meet your demands. Additionally, they send real-time videos and photos to the ground station, giving you detailed information about the current situation during and after an inspection. So far, a single skilled person had to screen and evaluate individually under the most difficult circumstances whereas nowadays, the high-resolution images from Celestis Drone offer an objective documentation. At any given time, the images of the aerial vehicles can be used for comparison, verification and evaluation by several different experts.

UAV videos and photos in full HD quality

Documentation and live inspections of the utmost precision

The quality of the delivered images meets the highest demands. Whether you want photos or videos – Celestis Drone delivers vibration-free and blur-free images of all respective sections of your inspection as desired. Even under difficult lighting conditions the cameras in our drones manage to reproduce details of industrial plants, wind power plants, pipelines and even the smallest components become visible in high contrast and focus. Not even wind speed up to a limit of 6 on the Beaufort Wind Force Scale can prevent us from undertaking an inspection with our high maintenance UAVs. They are notably flexible in controlling, level in flight as well as when hovering and are absolutely undeterred by magnetic fields generated by power supply lines and generators of wind power plants. Even film directors are impressed by the quality of our images in full high definition (HD) video resolution of 1080/50p.

The pilot and the operator control all relevant aerial vehicles from a ground station: Starting and stopping of the video recording, zooming in, operating the shutter-button of the camera, switching to image display mode and generally doing everything to ideally support the inspection and analysis of the material. According to specification, the cameraman (operator) will be equipped with special glasses, which correspond to a display the size of a 47” monitor at a distance of 2,5 meters. Not a single detail will escape their attention when inspecting your facilities.

Payload Sony

Minimizing the effort saves time and money

Enhanced security by inspections with UAVs by Celestis Drone

By using our UAVs for your industrial inspections you not only benefit from receiving unbeatably precise results and documentations. You also save a lot of time, money and risk involved when using us for inspecting any kind of facility. With our unmanned aerial vehicles we can fly extremely close to any kind of object, not only outdoors but indoors as well. It is not necessary to climb, put up scaffolding or in any other way jeopardise the operational business or bring it to a standstill. The risk of personal injury can virtually be excluded if we inspect an industrial plant by manoeuvring a drone across the facility. We are even prepared for the most unlikely scenario –our basic insurance coverage alone is 8.000.000 EUR and customizable to your requirements. One of the many aspects that make our service so safe for you.

Almost unlimited capabilities

From inspecting wind power plants to the use in forestry – successful aerial inspections via UAV are operated by Celestis Drone in these fields

The potential uses of our professional drones (UAV) for inspection, monitoring and surveillance are close to being unlimited. Wherever highest precision combined with economic and low-risk methods are concerned, we will satisfy your requirements. On your behalf we undertake damage analysis and inspections of buildings and industrial plants, maintenance inspections or the documentation of construction progress and orthophotos. We also inspect oil- and gas-pipelines, solar energy systems, power supply lines and cables, cooling towers, dams and critical infra-structure, wind power plants, bridge and train systems. In the area of agriculture and forestry we also implement close-up infrared cameras.

UAV-Multicopter Inspection Wind Power Station

As far as infrared is concerned, other areas of use, for example the inspection of photovoltaic systems, a further model of our equipment enables live IR and RGB images at the ground station. Furthermore IR and RGB images can be shot simultaneously, the storage of IR data with geological information is possible as well as a remote control for the zoom function. A further aspect of quality in our equipment is the resolution of up to 640 x 512 pixels during relative temperature measurement (hot spot). Due to this high resolution even smallest defects can be identified from a great distance.

UAV-Multicopter Infrared-Inspection power supply lineUAV-Multicopter Infrared-Inspection power supply line

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