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Professional Multicopter Services

Drone-UAV Celestis Drone GmbH

Multicopter for inspections, GIS (geogrgraphic information system) service, aerial images and more

Welcome to the pages of Celestis Drone GmbH – your expert for the professional use of drones for industrial purposes, GIS services, aerial robots for inspections and all professional UAV services in particularly demanding and sensitive areas. We install high-tech drones of the newest generation with sophisticated equipment for the highest level of certainty and precise results for you. No matter what you want to inspect, control, document, measure, map or analyse – our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), so called drones, provide precise monitoring of industrial plants, pipelines, cable and wiring systems, all kinds of critical infrastructure inspections, aerial thermography and every kind of control and surveillance application.

You will receive specialized RPAS services of the highest level. These are accomplished by aerial robots for inspections with aerial photography in the form of photos or videos, infrared images as well as real-time video transmissions and complete electronic documentation.

There are a lot of good reasons to opt for our RPAS services. Whether the surveyed area is especially large, high, difficult to access or sensitive, whether an especially high precision is necessary or you just want it to be fast, reliable and delivering economic results. Aerial robots for inspections and analysis by Celestis Drone are the right choice in the sensitive field of professional inspection and surveillance as well as for GIS services in trade and industry. Our industrial drone operations offer you numerous advantages in comparison to conventional methods.

Precise and reliable inspections

 image industrial area

High-end multicopter service and aerial thermography – from Celestis Drone

Look forward to the utmost precision and reliability while maintaining your flow of work and production. Whether we talk about quadcopter, hexacopter, otocopter or other multicopters – your common drones are often unsuitable for operating in the sensitive area of trade and industry. The UAVs we employ in the field of GIS services, aerial robots for inspections, mapping and other professional areas of UAV applications are state-of-the-art high-tech machines. Even though the on-going development of aircrafts such as drones in the non-professional sector is astounding – none of the conventional UAVs or their equipment are even remotely comparable with our aerial robots, the offered UAV services and our high-end equipment. As far as precision and reliability are concerned, regarding the execution of sensitive operations, safety requirements, range, quality of the videos and images as well as additional functions such as high-performance GPS, precision control, aerodynamic stability, and flexibility in practice, we meet the highest demands. With our precise equipment and the know-how of our highly qualified employees we have specialized in offering fast, precise results as well as competitive solutions. We would be pleased to present a customized solution for your inspection service via drone, GIS service, aerial thermography and other specifications.

infrared image of plant

Precise use in any kind of weather and on sites difficult to access

The use of aerial robots from Celestis Drone

We are able to navigate our UAVs to the objects you want inspected with absolute precision. We can stop, turn and tilt, sending live images in the process according to your requirements. It goes without saying that you will receive a complete recorded documentation. If necessary, we equip the operator (cameraman) with special video glasses. These provide a picture corresponding to that of a 47” monitor from a distance of 2,5 meters. This way, we can not only visualize even the smallest details during the subsequent analysis of the recorded material, but can also monitor, enlarge and inspect closely intricacies during the on-going inspection.

Our unmanned precision aerial vehicles move non-yielding to magnetic fields – a huge advantage when industrial applications are concerned. Because of this we are even able to fly our UAVs safely and steadily near power supply lines and generators of wind power plants – we are able to position them securely and on target. Up to a speed of 10m/s (<6Bft) neither wind nor rain will manage to irritate our aerial vehicles or endanger the safety of our operation. This not only ensures the utmost precision of our inspections, but enables the best possible planning and independence of your operations unaffected by external circumstances. In other words: We provide fast, precise and economic results for you.

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